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The modern development of lamps are four pandemic

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The modern development of lamps are four pandemic

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Progress of modern lighting technology, make the lamps in the premise to meet the practical needs and maximize the effectiveness of light the lamp, pay more attention to the outward appearance modelling as beautiful, comfortable and durable decorative aesthetic effects, which formed the four major trends in the development of modern lamps.

1, the pursuit of high efficiency and energy saving light source on the

In recent years, with the promotion of energy-saving lighting facilities and technologies, energy-efficient type of lighting design and technology has become the most lamps manufacturers

Of concern. To achieve efficient energy-saving lamps, energy-efficient light source should be used first, which is the premise of efficient energy-saving lamps; the second is according to the size and shape of energy-saving light source, the optical system designed lamps, really improve the effective utilization rate of lamps and lanterns. On the basis of this, some companies are "revolutionary" lighting invention, namely through the optical fiber and optical catheter, will be the main light source is transmitted to the user's hands, can avoid the user various power connector, reduce the installed tedious, to improve the quality of lighting, efficient energy-saving and safety purposes.

2, pay attention to the development of integrated technology of lamps and lighting system

Modern lamp dimming means than before more advanced, convenient and flexible, except in the lamp dimming pack set

Device and switch device, also on the cast light dimming light adjustable device or remote control infrared receiver with integrated, the dimming method is suitable for the transformation of the existing ceiling. And the existing dimming system can be in different places more than ten at the same time carry out stepless dimming and delay lighting.

The use of electronic computer remote control and computer indoor lighting control system, with natural lighting level and circadian time and

The user requirements, automatically change the interior lighting of the light source, the entire lighting system parameters setting, and monitoring changes through the screen to achieve.

The use of Scene Selector and a light source and a low voltage lighting systems to work together, usually connected with flexible lighting

Design and control are combined. This scene is dimmer and distant scene controller can multiplex installation, random combinations, used in conference rooms, museums and other places, very convenient, flexible, significant control effect.

Development of the integrated technology is the gradual integration with modern lamps, all kinds of lamps used integrated circuit, the energy saving effect

Fruit significantly. Such as the directional lighting lights a US company, the use of integrated circuit, the energy consumption of such lamps have greatly decreased.

Progress in 3, multifunctional miniaturization

With the development of the compact light source, ballast lamp electric appliance fitting for ultra small, ultra thin, all kinds of new technology, new technology

The constant use of modern lamps and lanterns, are aspects to the development of small, practical and multifunctional.

The compact fluorescent lamps use range is increased in modern lamps. Compact fluorescent lamps and lanterns initially focused mainly on the desk lamp

Development, now has been gradually extended to the development of various types of lighting, lighting places and functional lighting lamp on. The lamp is used mostly for electronic ballast and with the unique design of the reflector, high efficiency lighting, if coupled with the computer and the infrared remote control device, it is more economical and practical.

Design of various types of small lamps more super compact and reasonable. Such as: a miniature spotlight British favoured production company,

The lamp of each fiber terminations are equipped with a Lighting supplier variety of optical accessories, including prism, lens, grating, used to control the beam, a unique function, small volume.

Thirdly, in order to adapt to the modern indoor size changeable changeable, function requirement of flexibility, as far as possible the use of building space,

To facilitate people's lives, the multifunctional combined china lighting lamp will emerge as the times require.

4, by a single lighting function to the lighting and decoration of both transformation

Modern lamp is in from "light up" to "good" transformation, in the lighting and lighting design, more emphasis on the decorative and aesthetic effect. Under this background, the design and the producers re using modern lamps combined with the application of modern science and technology and art of beautification, in one set lighting, decoration and technology, combining the classical model and modern, eliminated other colorful past blindly pursue surface and excessive decoration style. Modern lamp lifetime pursuit is concise and lively, highlighting the role of modern lighting technology, emphasizes individuality, coordination and emphasizes the background environment, pay attention to the performance of the material texture of Lighting supplier lamps and lanterns. Characteristics of the function of composite lighting development is: to ensure that lighting and visual comfort, lighting most of all series with a select set of accessories, so that the user according to the need of self adjustment. In a word, reflect the important symbol of modern lighting product level is to see whether the highlight its characteristics and its unique decorative effect at the same time to Lighting supplier coordinate the whole environment.

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