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Three selection of stylish lamps of the law

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Three selection of stylish lamps of the law

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Lighting is room flirt division, different shape, color, material, size can create different lighting effects for different rooms, exhibit different room style. Now, lighting brand, type, shape, will let you feel some see things in a blur? In fact, when you buy Lamps in the main consideration china lighting from the following three aspects:

1, should be to choose the type of lamps according to their actual needs and preferences. For example, you pay attention to light utility, it should absorb dome light or floor lamp choose black, dark red dark rimmed, but if you pay attention to decorative and the pursuit of modern style, it can choose the lively lighting. If it is shaped like ethnic characteristics of lamps, floor lamps can choose sculpture process.

2, the color of the lamp should be in harmony with the environment Lighting manufacture Home Furnishing decoration style. Indoor lamplight decorate must consider the room the style of furniture, wall color, home appliances color, otherwise the overall tone of light and the room is not consistent, but will self defeating. For indoor wallpaper is the color of the light coloured, it should be Nuanshaidiao the incandescent lamp as light source, so you can create a bright soft light environment.

3, the size of the indoor lamps according to the area, the number and size of furniture, corresponding to the configuration. Such as the 12 square metres of small living room should adopt the ceiling or wall lamp below 200 mm diameter, the number of lamps, size should be with appropriate, so as not to appear too crowded. In 15 square meters room, should use the ceiling lamps diameter of about 300 mm or more Floral Pendant Lamp fork, the largest diameter of not more than 400 mm. In Hang Lighting supplier mural lamp or wall lamp installed on both sides of the foil, the effect will be better.

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