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Exquisite fashion lighting has been walking in the forefront of fashion life

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Exquisite fashion lighting has been walking in the forefront of fashion life

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This modern lighting mix of pop elements in the form of: ancient and modern, Chinese and western, all soaked them; and lighting materials more diversified, in addition to glass, metal, plastic and other industrial materials, there are a number of natural raw materials, such as bamboo, rattan, wire, paper, both trendy and environmental protection.

To catch up with the pace of fashion, the lamps' Lighting supplier shape of the "face" always walk in the front. The simplicity of the "modern" in shape and color the most demanding, abstract modeling to some lighting more like a piece of art, some practical pursuit of supremacy, some small lantern shapes very cartoon, it seems to enter the fairy tale kingdom.

A designer once said: "the light is the most china lighting fascinating flirt division in the living room." Indeed, shape, color, material, the size of the lamp is different, can create different lighting effects for different rooms, exhibit different rooms expressions. Young people living style most lively, simple lighting collocation with modern sense, nature is the finishing touch, times add luster.

The special account of simple lighting, has the modern technique of expression, and injected with high texture, pure, bright elements, and a young, bright, warm and romantic color. Lighting design of the current sense is very strong, some manufacturers directly using the lighting design in some European countries, modeling simple atmosphere, function is also very human; there are some Lighting manufacturer lighting design is reflected in the bold breakthrough material, such as "cloth lamp, cloth lamp shade is all". There are made of paper, made of iron, fiber, wood made all kinds of lamps in the room are booming.

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