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Energy saving environmental protection LED lighting market fashion

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Energy saving environmental protection LED lighting market fashion

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The improvement of living standards, the rapid development of the city, people are no longer satisfied with the lighting lamp only, greater dependence on its decoration, fashion,environmental protection. Chinese lighting market has been to lamp, energy saving lamp is dominant, but in recent years, with the expansion of the real estate industry, led to the development and changes in the lighting industry. So the lighting industry grows vigorously in recent years, the suddenness of a thunderbolt to quickly upended lighting market pattern.Lighting manufacturer

It is understood that "art lamp master" Zhongshan city is the focus of happy lighting technology Co. Ltd. in order to meet the needs of China's lighting development, andconsumers in the home lighting based lighting brand, art lamp lighting to energy-saving,master fashion, health is the brand concept of lighting design.china lighting

According to the data Chinese real estate index system shows, 2009 national commercial housing sales area and sales will reach 9-9.5 million square meters and 4-4.5 trillion yuan, the scale and growth rate of a record high, according to the national each big city, more than a decoration company in the feedback information, every family the current renovation Home Furnishing lighting consumption amount the lowest in the 2000-3000 yuan between, Chineseaccording to 1000000000 of a family of 5 calculation, then by half the family do not change the lighting, lighting consumption also will be 200000000000 - 300000000000; in addition, with the improvement of living conditions, some residents will also put the previous housing two decoration, for lighting products also have consumption the larger amount, plus new hotels,restaurants, office buildings and business premises lamp decoration lamp for local demand,lighting lighting market is Unlimited Business Opportunities, unprecedented prosperity.

With the development of modern style furniture into the family, a plurality of lamps, office lamp,lighting, more and more high grade taste. The traditional lights, energy-saving lamps can not satisfy people's pursuit of fashion. Lamp decoration fashion emerge as the times require.However Zhongshan focusing happy lighting technology Co. Ltd. art lamp lighting is to master,fashion, environmental protection, energy conservation of parity for the concept design and development of lighting products. The R & D, design, production of the Large Firm will undoubtedly walk in the forefront of the domestic lighting market. According to the responsible person revealed art lamp master to join the national art lamp master has more than 500,resulting in a strong domestic market by art lamp lighting format masterLighting supplier

At the same time as the global climate warming, environmental problems have been the focus of domestic and international attention. Fight for the low-carbon, more and more people place praise highly. Be healthy, environmental protection lighting and market development.Zhongshan City Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. focusing happy art lamp, energy saving,environmental protection master adhere to fashion, parity for lighting design concept, has brought the strength and vitality into the lighting market development.

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