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Fashion lighting make your life more beautiful Home Furnishing

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Fashion lighting make your life more beautiful Home Furnishing

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  And clothing and shoes in different periods have different trends, as lamps lighting home decoration important elements also chasing fashion footsteps. Recently, the reporter visited the city several lamps market found that people now in practical at the same time, but also the pursuit of Lighting supplier environmental protection and energy saving, beautiful appearance, and the lampcan create special effects.

     Now each industry pay attention to environmental protection, environmental protection and energy saving consciousness has entered into various lighting design, production and use of links. Many lamps manufacturers the most basic starting from the light source, the use of high-tech energy-saving technology, the energy-saving effect of the lamp highlights and the brightness is not reduced, or even stronger.

     The city in the city, the international building materials, a lighting store sales staff told reporters, on the single tube energy-saving lamp to replace the double tube fluorescent lampin the past, not only more bright, but also saving about 37%, especially long-term open the need for commercial lighting, energy saving effect is more obvious.

     With the LED technology matures, environmental protection and energy saving lamps lightingthe performance has been greatly improved. In a lighting wholesale shop, the reporter sawbusinessmen in a contrastive way shows the lighting effect to replace the traditionalfluorescent lamp using LED light source, very intuitive. In this regard, businesses, in the samelamp shade, a LED lamp to slim, polyhedral luminous features, no black area, uniform brightness, while the use of three root than traditional tube lamp brightness is more uniform,more gentle, can save electricity 80%, with these advantages, LED is expected to graduallyreplace the traditional light source.

     Along with the people of Home Furnishing living comfort requirements more and more high,humanized design has become the focus of consumer choose and buy Home Furnishingproducts. Now a lot of lamps can be lighter and thinner.

In another lamp store, the reporters found that the common lamp lighter, thinner. "Old lampsthickness up to 9.5 cm, while the new lamp is only 5 centimeters thick, thin and almost half, forthe lower floors of the room, saving space and beauty." Store sales staff come up with new and old two lamps compared to the reporter.

     Lamps for beauty but also in the practical use of a variety of color, if the direct selection with the color of the light source, but also bring a unique sense of beauty. For example, by changing the lamp color, make the light source is red, green, blue, orange and other colors,the china lighting  public can according to the requirements of the environment or their own preferences, with different combinations, create the illusion of feeling, increase bedroom taste.

     In addition, the ever-changing lighting effects make now bid farewell to the single functionlamp light, to show the environment and beautify their homes, create the atmosphere of theobjective.

Understand according to the reporter, the popular trend of special effects and change theperformance of the most important lighting in the home is increasingly high degree of intelligence, of the light in the home not only has a magical effect, but also want to adjust.From the Lighting manufacturer  initial hand pull type switch to button switch, and then to the remote controller nowbeauty, consumers can enjoy from the progress of science and technology, push the button tocontrol all the room lighting switch and brightness.



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