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Lighting popular simple wind _ personality _ fashion lighting lighting

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Lighting popular simple wind _ personality _ fashion lighting lighting

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Nowadays, more and more attention of lamps in the home decoration. Came to the Zhongshan Ancient Town market of lamps and lanterns, lighting effect has been unable to meet the people seek for life quality, the merchants and citizens are more exquisite lamp decoration effect, energy saving lamps heavier, concise, useful, LED lamp sales increased, the prevalence of Chinese and Western elements of American characteristics, mix and trendsignificantly.

In the decoration of the house, the choice of lamps and lanterns of the link is essential. The appearance is different, messy and changeable lamp always let people see things in a blur.Nowadays, lighting precision was like many useful characteristics, people seek.

Concise lines offer modest  china lighting

When we seek wide convenience and easy days, many planners to cater to the needs of contemporary people, works to precision, characteristic, this also makes precision lamp is popular all over the world.

The club _ personality lighting lighting customization

Precision lamps are widely lines simple, give people a fresh, clean feeling, very accord with the contemporary young people's aesthetic, so Jiezhuang prominent fashion smell. "Precisionlamps not fancy, in the home is also feel very warm." In the choice of Lamps Lamps City Wang said. On the other hand, precision lighting offer extensive CF PFP, many families indicated,because price sale, can often replace love style. But a messy style lamps, lamp in the briefappearance of more easy clean, simple continue to clean.

Precision lighting precision not simple Lighting manufacturer

Simplicity and precision fixture, simplicity and precision is not simple. Many are endowed with a sense of lighting plan, seeking precision together also gives many innovative elements.American plans to finish about American lamp is not the same as the previous classicalcomplex, is about a small space Home Furnishing characteristics, the mix function thoroughly eradicate the space bound, let the choice of large-sized apartment family consumers canexperience the simple American day. Light body material for iron, copper, lampshade materialfor linen, much to the desk lamp and chandelier based.

Modern precision lighting is another kind of representative works, concise and livelyappearance, use of modern technology, absorb many postmodern art elements, is fastidious about the fine lines around concise and with tension, breaking the visual appearance planconventional, showing the avant-garde particularly image characteristics. Effect of light anglescheduling, multistage brightness adjustment, healthy energy-saving, construction of various space atmosphere. The humanization of the plan to meet the lighting needs not the same day.There are mottled acrylic materials lamps, acrylic is a common material for modern bulbs, this kind of lighting with rich colors, fashionable and changeable appearance is known, and the weight is light, easy to carry. The lampshade can be adhered to the 8 - 12 years not yellow,not aging, not deformation, the color is bright.Lighting supplier

Environmental protection lighting effect is good

In addition to the appearance of popular light outside, most precision fixtures are usingenergy-saving light bulbs, LED environmental protection material. Luminous LED lamp poweris high, life is very long, 13 times the luminous power of it can reach 2.5 times of thefluorescent lamp, incandescent lamp, more power saving and environmental protection, it alsobecame an important factor in the precision lamps popular. The room - storey high,appropriate to the incandescent lamp five fork used Trident, perhaps bigger circular droplight.Interior space height in 2.6 - 2.8 meters height, best not more than 30 cm chandelier. The lower floors of the room, can use Xidingdeng plus floor lamp.

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